Datamine Studio v3.21 Free Download Full Version -

Datamine Studio v3.21 Free Download Full Version

Datamine Studio v3.21 Free Download Full Version - Datamine International was founded in 1981 by Peter Stokes and Stephen Henley to develop and market an integrated system of geological and mining software. The original version was released in 1983, largely based on geological data handling systems of the G-EXEC Geological Survey UK. 

It was written in Fortram 77 and used the initial relational database template. It is designed to operate within the constraints of a microcomputer running the CP / M operating system, and the Fortran development language. This is considered a product far ahead of time.

Datamine Studio v3.21

The early development of leading industry block modeling tools by Steve Henley strengthens Datamine's products and positions the company as a leader in resource modeling and mine planning technologies. In 1993 the company has grown to 30 staff worldwide. Its success was recognized by the Queen's Awards for Export in 1989 and Technological Achievement in 1990. This resulted in commercial relationships with several major mining groups as a preferred supplier on a cost and technical basis. 

Power users take advantage of Datamine's functional capabilities by writing extensions using a script toolDatamine, strengthening them as loyal supporters and helping Datamine take advantage of user and customer productivity In the early 1990s Datamine was revitalized by releasing a new user interface and front end graphic, Guide, which was later refined and released as a Studio in 1995. In 2011 the company was acquired by the Canadian CAE company, which has progressively replaced the 'Datamine' brand by 'CAE Mining'. However, the Datamine trademark is still owned by CAE. CAE was founded in 1947 (as Canadian Aviation Electronics Ltd) and is headquartered in Canada.

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