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FLACS v9.0 Free Download Full Version

FLACS v9.0 Free Download Full Version - FLACS is an industry standard for designing a CFD blast modeling and one of the best validated tools for modeling combustible and toxic releases in a technical security context.

FLACS is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use software tool to trigger full 3D (dispersion and blast) modeling for all flammable and explosive release scenarios. It is used extensively in the Oil and Gas and Process industries and is also increasing in the nuclear industry, in facilities with the potential for dust explosions and many other fields. 

By modeling with full 3D CFDs, it is possible to predict the consequences more accurately and include the effects of all contributory and mitigating effects (such as confinement and congestion due to geometry, ventilation, real flooding).

FLACS v9.0

Better understanding and higher yield accuracy not only contribute to improving the true level of safety, but also allow the designer to choose truly effective options and mitigation measures and thereby improve the effectiveness of safety and cost.

FLACS is a consequence modeling software that gives you:- Integrated explosive and dispersion modeling capabilities.

- Consequences of modeling in Full-3D.
- Import geometry (Microstation with format v7 / 8, PDMS (via with), PDS, 
- Efficient manual geometry editing.- 2-phase modeling (flashing liquid).
- Transient modeling (time dependent).
- Include mitigation effects and precautions.
- The results are validated accurately and accurately.
- Various different options for viewing results (2D, 3D, animation, text file output).
- Better understanding of phenomena and results.
- Comprehensive user guide based on extensive validation of experiments.

FLACS is used extensively for the following applications:

- Offshore Explosion Study (risk-based and deterministic).
- Assessment of risk of land building (ie control room or temporary building).- Gas detector optimization.
- Calculation of toxic dispersion.
- Dust explosion (with FLACS-DustEx).
- Accident investigation (FLACS is used to investigate accidents such as Piper Alpha, Buncefield, Deep Water Horizon, Texas City Refinery, TWA 800 plane crash).

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