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Monday, January 01, 2018

GeoStru GeoRock 2D v2016.12 Free Download.

GeoStru GeoRock 2D v2016.12 Free Download. GeoRock 2D is a special software to design 2D rockfall simulation using Lumped Mass and C.R.S.P. Model. For the Mass Lumped model, the calculation assumption used is the plan outline, the slope profile similar to the dashed line consisting of a straight line segment of boulder point and neglectable air resistance.

GeoStru GeoRock 2D v2016.12

The CRSP model (Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program) has been developed by Pfeiffer and Bowen (1989) with the aim of modeling the falling motion of rocks with spheres, cylinders or discs, with a circular cross section of the vertical plane of the movement. The reliability of the model is verified by comparison between the numerical results and the results obtained from the insitu test.

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