Global Mapper v18.0.2.x64 Free Download Full Keygen -

Global Mapper v18.0.2.x64 Free Download Full Keygen

Global Mapper v18.0.2.x64 Free Download Full Keygen - Global Mapper is one of the geographic information system software (GIS) currently developed by Blue Marble Geographics, working with Microsoft Windows. On November 2, 2011, Blue Marble Geographics held an annual user conference and announced they had purchased Global Mapper LLC. 

One of the GIS software that competes with ESRI products, GeoMedia, Manifold System, and MapInfo GIS. Global Mapper handles vector, raster, and elevation data, and also provides view, conversion, and other common features of GIS. Global Mapper has an active user community on mailing lists and online forums

This software is quite popular and is often used by GIS practitioners (geographics information system) or people who are in the field of mapping. One of the features of this program is its compatibility with a lot of file formats. So it can be used by many people from different background knowledge of different software

Global Mapper v18.0.2.x64

This software is able to process satellite imagery and map data such as map scan, used to view 3d view or analysis of topgraphy data that is Digital Elevation Model. This software supports various data formats such as DEM, E00, CADRG / CIB, MrSID, DLG-O, DEM SDTS, DOQ, DTED, DWG, DXF, ECW, GeoTIFF, Tiger / Line, DLG SDTS, KML / KMZ, ESRI Shapefiles , JPEG2000, DRG, Lidar LAS, Arc Grid and many more.

Intermap's Global Mapper is more than just a publisher tool featuring the most popular hatch, elevation, or vector data set: This tool can also convert, edit, print, track GPS and allow you to apply GIS functions to your dataset in a single device package software is low cost and easy to use.

The Global Mapper is not just a versatile device, but has built-in functionality for distance and area calculation, hinge blending and contrast adjustments, elevation viewing, line-of-sight calculations, and advanced capabilities such as image rectification, contour creation of surface data, flow from surface data, as well as triangulation and gridding of 3D dot data. Repetitive tasks can be completed by using the built-in scripting language function or batch conversion thoroughly.

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