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Leica Mintec MineSight 3D v9.50 Software Free Download

Leica Mintec MineSight 3D v9.50 Software Free Download - Hexagon Mining is part of the world's leading information technology provider that drives quality and productivity improvements in enterprise, geospatial and industrial applications. 

MineSight 3D provides interactive display, editing, and description of all types of data including drill holes, blastholes, composites, models (3D block, stratigraphy, and surface), survey data for open and underground holes, geological interpretation, topographical contours, and gridded or Surface triangulation.

MineSight 3D has advanced interpretation tools for geologists, complete 3D designs for underground mine layouts, CAD editing, logic functions, efficient triangulation functions, visualization of all types of geological and mining data, plus an intuitive description. Also read about other mine & geology software below:

Leica Mintec MineSight 3D v9.50

This Mintec MineSight 3D software answers all your needs in the mining field. This software is highly reliable for surface and subsurface mineral extraction processes, such as metals, coal, sand and other materials, and you as an engineer, surveyor or geologist will feel immersed in the software. In the process of exploration, it can be interpreted geological data on feasibility and planning and daily operations to assist engineers.

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Leica Mintec MineSight 3D v9.50 Software Free Download
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Many prestigious mining companies, consultancies and universities around the world, have made Leica Mintec MineSight 3D their solution to improve work better. Comprehensive system modeling, analysis and interpretation of raw input data are automatically interpreted in the results so that in the decision-making process an engineer can quickly work. For agan-agan who want to have this software, please click the link below:

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