Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.3 Free Download -

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.3 Free Download

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.3 Free Download- Nemetschek SCIA is a new software platform for civil engineers. It analyzes, designs and details of all types of structures. From the simplest to the most complex construction: concrete, steel, aluminum, plastic, wood or mixed with the integration of local and international norms and the relationship between analysis and component usage

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer includes parametric modeling of structures, FEM systems for calculating concrete metals and reinforced concrete structures and examining metal structure assemblies. This package has two way communication with Allplan - from Allplan Architecture in SCIA (calculation) and hereinafter in Allplan Design. The main feature of the Nemetschek SCIA Engineer is the high level of parameterization at all stages - from model formation to formation of reports.

Features of Nemetschek SCIA:
- Object-oriented technology (each element of the structural structure of the intellectual object)
- Excellent integration and communication (XML, PDF 3D, VRML, IFC and various other interface industries)
- Bi-directional serial connection between analysis and structural model (CAD) with ICM (modeling information)
- Extensive calculation abilities (linear, 2 order, predstryazhenie, dynamics
- International software applications (full range of project standards for different countries)
- Construction from simple to complex geometries: straight beams, curved beams, flat surfaces and arches with different curves and outlines.
- Design of straightened and welded steel joints, and application of specific amplification
- The latest method of designing, for example, fire safety- The user-customizable programming interface
- Sustainable development through an experienced international development team- Extensive opportunities for optimizing global structure and details
- Pre-stress analysis
- Automatic transformation of common structure forms in object analysis

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer
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