Rocscience PHASE2 v8.0 Free Download -

Rocscience PHASE2 v8.0 Free Download

Rocscience PHASE2 v8.0 Free Download - PHASE2 is a software used specifically for analyzing stresses with finite element method, strong under and underground development. The software can be used for a variety of engineering tasks and includes support for design, slope stability analysis, groundwater stability and filtration analysis.

Complex, multi-stage models can be easily created and quickly analyzed, for example: tunnels in weak rock or jointed, underground power plant caverns, open pit and slopes, embankments, MSE stable soil structures, and more. Progressive failure, supporting interactions and problems. 

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PHASE2 offers a wide selection of modeling support. Liner elements can be applied in modeling of shotcrete concrete systems, concrete, steel, retaining walls, piles, multi layer coatings, geotextiles and others. The new liner designer tool includes a support capacity plot that lets you define a strengthened liners security factor. The bolt type includes anchored, fully bonded, split bolt and tiebacks grout bolts.

One of the main features of Phase2 is the tilt stability analysis. This option is fully automated and can be used with the Mohr-Coulomb or Hoek-Brown power parameters. Slope models can be imported / exported between and.

PHASE2 includes steady state, finite element groundwater seepage analysis. No need to use a separate groundwater program. The pore pressure is determined as well as the flow and gradient based on user-defined hydraulic boundary conditions and material conductivity. The pore pressure results are automatically fed into the stress analysis

Material models for rock and soil include Mohr-Coulomb, Generalized Hoek-Brown and Cam-Clay. Great new analytics feature for modeling.

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