Rocscience Slide v6.020 Free Download Full Version -

Rocscience Slide v6.020 Free Download Full Version

Rocscience Slide v6.020 Free Download Full Version - Rocscience Slide is the most complete tilt stability analysis software, complete with soil sealing analysis to elements, fast withdrawal, sensitivity and probabilistic analysis and support design. 

All soil types and rock slopes, embankments, ground dams and retaining walls can be analyzed. The state of CAD skills lets you create and edit complex models very easily.

Slide is the only software slope stability with ground seepage analysis up to finite element for steady state or temporary conditions. Current, pressure and gradient are calculated based on user-specified hydraulic boundary conditions. The seepage analysis is fully integrated with slope stability analysis or can be used as an independent module. 

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Rocscience Slide v6.020 Free Download Full Version

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Rocscience Slide v6.020

The slide has a broad probability analysis capability - you can assign statistical distributions to almost all input parameters, including material properties, support properties, loads, and water table locations. The probability of a failure / reliability index is calculated, and provides an objective measure of the risk of failure associated with the slope design. Sensitivity analysis allows you to determine the effect of individual variables on the tilt safety factor.

Slide offers no less than 17 different material strength models for rock and soil including Mohr-Coulomb, Anisotropic and Generalized Hoek-Brown. Types of support include tieback, end berthing, ground nail, micro pile and geotextile. 

Re-analysis lets you determine the supporting power needed for a particular security factor. The advanced search algorithm simplifies the task of finding the critical slip surface with the lowest safety factor.

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