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RPM.XACT.v1.8.96 Free Download Full Version

RPM XACT.v1.8 Free Download Full Version - RPM XACT is a short-term mine scheduling software that helps you manage your short-term scheduling functions and add value across a variety of project management and industrial applications. 

Easy to build, analyze and update schedules in XACT, using integrated databases, Gantt charts, plots and reports. "What if" scenarios are easy to run and will give you a greater understanding of the scheduling implications of variable changes.

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XACT.v1.8 Free Download

XACT users provide practical solutions to short-term scheduling challenges presented by any mining method, for any material. XACT BENEFITS & FEATURES:
- Multi user capability
- Fast scenario analysis
- Target capability and production forecasting
- Planning of maintenance and planning abilities outage planning
- Mining progress and introduction of pit status
- Ability of trail audit
- XACT can be used as a stand-alone package or in conjunction with XPAC, RPMGlobal's long and medium mine scheduling software.
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