RUNET BETON Express v2017 Free Download Full Version -

RUNET BETON Express v2017 Free Download Full Version

RUNET BETON Express v2017 Free Download Full Version - RUNET software is developing structural design software for civil engineers and architects. The program deals with finite element and dynamic analysis and utilizes CAD and CAM methods. 

With BETONexpress you can easily design reinforced concrete structural elements. For each element of the structure, you define the basic dimensions, load and material properties, and you get a detailed concrete design in the final boundary state (ULS), and on the service line state (SLS). 

Dimensions according to Eurocode 2, EN 1992-1-1: 2004, Design of concrete structures, general rules and regulations for buildings, with supplements Eurocode 7, EN 1997-1: 2004, Geotechnical design - General rules, for geotechnical analysis (footing, walls retainer), Eurocode 0, EN 1990: 2002, for load combinations, and Eurocode 8 for seismic loading. 

The last EN version of Eurocode is implemented. You can also pour the capacity of slabs, beams and columns reinforced with FRP (fiber-reinforced polymers). Lightweight and regular aggregate concrete is included

RUNET BETON Express v2017

The CAD modulus automatically generates detailed images of its structure and reinforcement. Detailed reports of combined and reinforced steel schedules are produced for the designed concrete components. Assumptions and references for design codes are shown in the report. The reinforcing steel schedule can be edited with the included custom editor. Users can select the applicable National Appendix. 

Design code parameters, as well as default values, can be customized with the user. Design Charts and Tables for use and understanding of Eurocode 2 are included in the program. In addition a set of engineering tools (unit conversion, area calculation, moment of inertia, standard steel etc) is included in the program.

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