Steel Connection Studio v11.0 Free Download Full Version -

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Steel Connection Studio v11.0 Free Download Full Version

Steel Connection Studio v11.0 Free Download Full Version - Steel Connection Studio (SCS) allows engineers to quickly design different types of joints and slide show. The software is easy to learn because the 2d sketch shows the 'live' data you input.

Calculations are calculated automatically according to the 'traditional' technique method, which follows manuals, standards and books (in other words, no finite element analysis results).

Steel Connection Studio v11

Detailed results with the formula are displayed. Integration with other software? Yes, you can import data graphically from Sap2000 and Staad and a few more (see API page for example integration with Tekla if you can not wait for the built-in button immediately). 

If you're looking for a 'click one button' software type, this is not the right page. SCS is software that Engineer needs and maximizes its work in searching for the most effective design / fabrication solution.

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"it is not recommended to use pirated software, use the original software from the provider to avoid unwanted things" by admin iamtechniques

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