Cambridge Structural Database v2017 Free Download -

Cambridge Structural Database v2017 Free Download

Cambridge Structural Database v2017 Free Download - Cambridge's structural database (CSD) is a comprehensive and up-to-date world database of fully validated crystal structures. The 2017 release contains more than 840,000 entries-an impressive increase of over 55,000 entries! Contains important and unique structures that are not available anywhere else, the CSD Settings are used by scientists around the world and provide a complete crystalline database structure for chemists who work with every organic and metal-organic compound

Cambridge Structural Database v2017

The 2017 release contains additional targeted records for breaking 73,985 CSD entries, including:

- Enrichment of pharmaceutical structures, including the addition of DrugBank id.
- Increased oxidation of metals validated for more than 21,000 entries.
- Inclusion of DOIs articles for many older entries.
- Manual in addition to the structure of electronic data.
- Increased inputs from 35 years of structural history.

The CSD system brings you important crystallographic and chemical structure capabilities to provide knowledge of CSD Settings: powerful 2D / 3D search, extensive geometry and interaction analysis, high impact graphics, as well as connectivity via the Python CSD API.Interesting new Python CSD APIs have been upgraded for usability including:
- Clean smooth installation of Python CSD api in CSD 2017.
- Upgrade CSD Python API menu in Mercury with more scripts.Enhancements for 
Mercury and conquest include the ability to:- Create using touch screen with Mercury for emergency, pot and zoom.- Sketsa molecule in Mercury and convert to 3D model.- Do additional crystallographic transformation in Mercury (like inversion, switch group setting space or change selection of origin).- Utilizing two new subset of metal-organic frameworks (MOF) in conquest....

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