GEOTEC ELPLA Professional v9.2 Free Download -

Sunday, February 04, 2018

GEOTEC ELPLA Professional v9.2 Free Download

GEOTEC ELPLA Professional v9.2 Free Download - ELPLA (ELASTIC PLATE) is a program to analyze the underlying foundations that have a random shape with an actual soil layer model. Raft mathematical solutions are based on finite element method.

The program can analyze different types of subsoil models, especially the three-dimensional Continuum model which considers a number of irregular layers. A good advantage of this program is the ability to handle all three analysis of flexible, elastic and rigid foundations.

GEOTEC ELPLA Professional

In addition, rigid and flexible foundation webs can be constructed to fit the finite element elements of the elastic foundation. Therefore, the three analyzes can be compared easily and correctly. ELPLA can also be used to represent the effect of external loads, neighboring foundations, tunneling and the influence of temperature differences on rafts

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