GEOSLOPE GeoStudio v8.11 Free Download -

Sunday, March 18, 2018

GEOSLOPE GeoStudio v8.11 Free Download

GEOSLOPE GeoStudio v8.11 Free Download - GeoStudio is the software used to create geotechnical and geo-environment modeling, which can be relied upon to handle all your modeling needs.


GEOSLOPE GeoStudio Suite consists of 8 products: SLOPE / W for slope stability; SEEP / W for groundwater seepage; SIGMA / W for voltage deformation; QUAKE / W for dynamic earthquakes; TEMP / W for geothermal; CTRAN / W for the transport of contaminants; AIR / W for airflow; VADOSE / W for vadose & closing zones

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"it is not recommended to use pirated software, use the original software from the provider to avoid unwanted things" by admin iamtechniques

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