Fundamentals of Petrophysics Second Edition -

Fundamentals of Petrophysics Second Edition

Fundamentals of Petrophysics Second Edition - This book presents basic physical and physicochemical knowledge contained in oil and gas development engineering, such as physical and chemical phenomena, physical processes. This is set to provide knowledge of the porous rock properties of reservoir rocks, and the properties of liquids, ie gases, hydrocarbon liquids, and aqueous solutions, and multifasa fluid flow mechanisms in porous media. This book also unites the application of theory and knowledge above

This book was written to be a reference to the teaching of petroleum engineering scholars. It focuses on the introduction of basic concepts, terms, definitions, and theories, placing more emphasis on the width of knowledge than the depth. What to learn through the course includes definitions of some important physical parameters, physical processes, important physical phenomena, influencing factors, and engineering applications. In addition, measurement methods and experimental procedures for key parameters are also included.

Author Shenglai Yang - Language English - Pages 509 - Publisher Springer Geophysics - File Format PDF - ISBN 978-3-662-55028-1 Year -2017 File Size 18 MB.

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