Steel Connection Analysis - Paolo Rugarli -

Steel Connection Analysis - Paolo Rugarli

Steel Connection Analysis - Paolo Rugarli - Analysis and checking of steel connections is one of the most complex problems in structural engineering, and although we use very powerful computing tools, it is still generally done using a very simple approach. From the point of view of a typical structural engineer, the problem to be solved is to design and examine the nodes, not the single connections, that is the number of connections between different members - perhaps tens or even hundreds of load combinations, the tendency of the inclined members, and the general stress state

In typical 3D structures there may be several dozen such knots, or perhaps even hundreds, that may be similar, or may differ from each other; identifying the same node is one of the problems that designers have to face to reduce the number of possible different solutions, and to get a rational design. However, the problem of detecting the same node has not been adequately researched, and currently no tool is able to solve this problem correctly. If posing with generality, the problem of checking the real 3D node structure has not been resolved by the automated computing tool.

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Steel Connection Analysis - Paolo Rugarli
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