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Heat Exchanger Design Handbook

Heat Exchanger Design Handbook - The Heat Exchanger Design Handbook (HEDH) had its origins in 1970 when, under the leadership of Professor Ernst Schlilnder, our group began to discuss the possibility of a handbook dealing with all aspects of heat exchanger design and operation of the basic design methodology, associated heat transfer and flow technology fluid and physical data needed for design. 

This led to the adoption of a structure consisting of 5 parts as follows:
• Part 1: Heat exchanger theory and general application of technology
• Part 2: fluid mechanics and heat transfer
• Part 3: thermal and hydraulic heat exchanger design
• Part 4: mechanical design of heat exchangers
• Part 5: physical propertie

The first (Loose-leaf) edition of HEDH was published in 1983 by the Hemisphere Corporation and contains around 1500 pages of structured new material as shown above. This process is added around 500 pages to the material. To achieve a more systematic update, the journal Progress of the Quarterly Heat Exchanger Design Update (HEDU) began in 1983 which brought new material to HEDH.

Heat Exchanger Design Handbook

Author - Language English - Pages 2305 - Publisher Hemisphere Publishing - File Format PDF - ISBN  3-1841-9080-3 Year -1983 File Size 51 MB

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