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VDI Heat Atlas Second Edition

VDI Heat Atlas Second Edition - VDI Warmeatlas or VDI Atlas has a long history and can be considered a standard book for heat exchangers and equipment design engineering processes. This is not understood as a textbook that presents the overall appearance of theoretical or experimental findings in heat transfer sciences

The aim and to present and explain the state of the art engineering methods to solve the industry heat transfer problems relevant to equipment design and process modeling. The first German edition was published in 1963. The six German editions have been translated into English to meet the increasingly and increasingly international demands of acting industry. This first English edition was published in 1992. Since then, the German edition has been regularly updated to ten editions published in 2006.

VDI Heat Atlas Second Edition

Author - Language English - Pages 1609 - Publisher Springer - File Format PDF - ISBN 978-1-118-35414-8 (cloth) - ISBN : 978-3-540-77876-9 - Year -2010 File Size 45 MB

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