BlastPlan Pro v1.7.4 x64 Free Download -

BlastPlan Pro v1.7.4 x64 Free Download

BlastPlan Pro.v1.7.4 x64 Free Download - BlastPlan Pro is software used for graphic design and making Shotfirers and Drill and Blast Engineers simulations. BlastPlan Pro has all the functions expected of a modern CAD 3-D based application with a simple and clean interface. 

Experience in designing previous initiation packages such as SHOTPlan and BlastPRO has enabled BMI, the developer of BLASTPLAN-PRO, to provide a usable and effective package in a variety of users ranging from explosion crews to senior design engineers.


BLASTPLAN-PRO has the following features and functions:

• Database that combines all major producer products. In Australia, Orica and Dyno products are included.
• A simple custom product interface that allows users to add new product ranges and create special products.
• Create and edit drill patterns using standard templates and patterns.
• Directly import drill patterns and pit skins from all major design packages such as Vulcan, Surpac, Datamine, Minescape etc.
• Original 3-D capability. See and manipulate drill patterns and pit shells in three dimensions.
• A simple binding process using the auto-tie generator feature.
• Simulation design initiations include (Angle of Initiation; Direction of movement; Relief; Holes per delay for prediction of ground vibration)
• For standard costs use the drag and drop interface to design special holes by loading explosive holes.
• Apply standard costs to the blast hole to make a load sheet.
• Use graphical time objects to design sequences of initiations for electronic detonator systems.
• Apply time settings to the specified zone to activate several independent deck decks.
• Predict ground vibrations using a weighted scale distance calculation that allows for all load decks in time and space.

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