RES2DINV Pro v4.8 x64 Free Download -

RES2DINV Pro v4.8 x64 Free Download

RES2DINV Pro v4.8 x64 Free Download - 2D RESISTIVITY & IP INVERSION software. Two-dimensional (2D) electrical imaging surveys are now widely used to map fairly complex geological areas where 1D survey of sound resistivity is inadequate. The RES2DINVx64 program uses the Gauss-Newton least squares inversion technique (Sasaki 1992) to produce 2D models from the subsurface from pseudo resistivity data.

This is completely automatic and users don't even have to provide the initial model. On modern PCs, a single pseudosection inversion is usually completed in seconds to minutes. Supports Wenner, Schlumberger, pole-pole, pole-dipole, dipole-dipole, multiple gradient and non-conventional arrays. This program will automatically select the optimal inversion parameter for the data set. However, inversion parameters can be modified by the user

RES2DINV Pro v4.8 x64 Free Download

The refining filter can be adjusted to emphasize resistivity variations in vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions. This can also be optimized to produce models with fine boundaries (for example, chemical clumps), or with sharp boundaries (for example for fracture zones). Resistivity information from boreholes and other sources can also be included to limit the inversion process. A known limit where sudden changes in resistivity occur can also be included in the inversion model. Three different techniques for topographic modeling (Loke 2000) are available. Complex resistivity methods (Kenma et al. 2000) are used for inversion of IP data.

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