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Friday, January 18, 2019

Split Desktop v4.0.0.42.x64 Free Download

Split Desktop v4.0 x64 Free Download - Split Desktop is an industry-approved software standard for manually and off-line measurement of coarse rock fragmentation. More than 500 licenses have been sold in 16 years of history. Digital images obtained in the field can be analyzed on a laptop or in the office to determine the fragmented size distribution of your rock particles at each stage in the comminution process

Split Desktop v4.0 x64 Free Download

The sources of these images can be dirt stacks, transport trucks, leach deposits, draw points, landfills, dumps, conveyor belts, rip rip, sediments or other situations where images of clear rock fragments can be obtained. In Split-Desktop, images are manually scaled and edited for optimal accuracy.

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