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XPAC v7.14 Free Download

XPAC v7.14 Free Download - XPAC Runge (Runge Pincock Minarco) is a leading software product in the mining industry that focuses primarily on coal mine scheduling and optimization, and includes other simulation software Talpac, Haulnet, Haulsim, and financial modeling solutions Xeras and Xact. XPAC began in 1981 as a pioneer of coal mine scheduling software and was developed into a leading industrial scheduling tool. It has an outstanding reputation and is widely used, especially in planning coal mines

XPAC v7.14

- 1985 - Xpac 1, released as a product. Developed on Fortran which runs on DOS
-1995 - Xpac-6 AutoSheduler module. Rule-based scheduling with heuristic mixing algorithms. useful for metal mining. Basic fortran is original and continues to run in DOS shell
-1998 - rewrite the full Windows compatible, 3D graphics display. Geological and Quality data is included in the scheduling model to provide underground coal scheduling capabilities
- 2003 - Scheduler of Xpac goals - material objectives result in a reduction in waste disposal costs
- 2012 - Xpac 7.14 Upgrade user interface - split screen and drag and drop toolbars. Enhanced 3D graphics

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