Download Bentley FlowMaster 10.00 Free -

Download Bentley FlowMaster 10.00 Free

Download Bentley FlowMaster 10.00 Free - Bentley FlowMaster is a program for analyzing open channel hydraulics, pipes, dams, and openings. The FlowMaster allows you to quickly carry out hydraulic calculations for various types of waste disposal system elements, to optimize inlets and dams. The grid design and analysis of water, tray, ditch and inlet entry is carried out using an algorithm based on FHWA Circular Engineering Hydraulic methodology 12 and Circular Number 22

Bentley FlowMaster 10.00

Analysis of fluid flow in the pipe is carried out, based on the length of the pipe, the beginning and end of the process changes in level and pressure, filling and diameter. The FlowMaster application calculates head friction losses caused by the Kutter formula, Darcy-Weisbach and Hazen-Williams. Design and analysis of canal, ditch, and volume pipes not filled in any form, including rectangular channels, ellipses, parabola and free forms. Design dam dimensions, based on loads, coefficients, headwater, and critical water lift for rectangular, round and arbitrary openings, based on critical water lifts.

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