Download ITASCA 3DEC v5.20 Free -

Download ITASCA 3DEC v5.20 Free

Download ITASCA 3DEC v5.20 Free - 3DEC is a three-dimensional numerical modeling code for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, groundwater, structural support, and masonry. 3DEC simulates uninterrupted media responses (such as jointed stones or bricks) that experience static or dynamic loading. Numerical formulations are based on different element methods (DEM) for modeling discontinuities. UDEC is a two-dimensional version


Discontinuous material is represented as a collection of discrete blocks. Discontinuities are treated as inter-block boundary conditions; large displacement along discontinuity and block rotation is permissible. Individual blocks behave (based on constitutive models and connections) as rigid or deformable material (eg, incorporated into a finite difference zone). Continuous and intermittent joint patterns can be generated based on statistics. The combined structure can be built into the direct model of geological mapping. 3DEC also contains Iasca's strong scripting language. With FISH, you can write your own script for users who want to add functionality for special analysis.
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