Download Survey CAD System pfCAD Catasto v22.0

Download Survey CAD System pfCAD Catasto v22.0 - Here are the functions of the Catasto v22.0 pfCAD software: 
• Inputs from all Topographic Instruments, from ASCII files, from PREGEO, from DXF files 
• Solvers for polygonal, celerimetry, planoaltimetric 
• Artification for new point calculations and Regional Division 
• Advanced management from CENSUS SCHEDULE 
• Calibration and compensation of scanned or digital maps including the incorporation of several raster maps and overlapping topographic surveys 
• Management and design of sophisticated PF shirts
• Automatic procedures for improvement with Barycentric Rototranslation Systems 
• Extensive Library Topographic Problems: Out Centers, Snellius, Hansen, Intersections, triangles 
• DXF files and two-way links to AutoCAD 
• Dimensional Plan Pictures with contour lines, sections and profiles 
• Automatic surveying and building facade recovery 
• Making extract maps Self-adjusting in PREGEO mode and CAD mode 
• Compatibility with PREGEO10 
• Connection with GOOGLE MAPS with the possibility of men display the GPS survey booklet on the map 
• Continuous updates on the import of files from various brands and models of GPS instruments.

Survey CAD System pfCAD Catasto v22.0

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