Download AFT Impulse v7.0.1105 build 02012019 -

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Download AFT Impulse v7.0.1105 build 02012019

Download AFT Impulse v7.0.1105 build 02012019 - AFT Impulse is a toolkit software that provides an opportunity to work with models in interactive mode through a graphical interface, this toolkit includes built-in safety consisting of expert knowledge of hydraulic shock problems. Applied Flow Impulse technology allows you to project piping systems with a higher level of security, reliability and safety, eliminate the harmful effects of water hammers and other unwanted modes.

AFT Impulse v7.0.

Impulse 7 AFT Key Features 
• Advanced temporary breakers based on the Characteristic Method. 
• Detailed pump inertia modeling. 
• Library built-in fluids and fittings. 
• Liquid column separation model caused by temporary cavitation. 
• Extensive cavitation modeling. 
• Scenario Manager to track all design variants. 
• Comprehensive relief valve modeling. 
• Integrated graphics and reporting. 
• Animation feature to dynamically create transient graphics. 
• Create video files from animations to share your results. • Generates force imbalance files that can be automatically read to dynamic models of CAESAR II and TRIFLEX pipes. 
• Innate intelligence to guide you in building a better model.

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