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TECE Instal-Therm HCR v4.13 Free Download

TECE Instal-Therm HCR v4.13 Free Download - Install-Therm HCR is designed for the design of surface heating systems and radiators, as well as cooling systems based on architectural drawings. Import and export images from AutoCad. Data entry occurs by performing flat-axonometric scanning schemes or by performing network images on projections

TECE Instal-Therm HCR v4.13

After this, it is possible to carry out complex calculations of hydraulic and thermal systems, namely:

- selection of pipe and equipment diameters;
- automatic selection of tees, distributors, equipment and connections;
- adjustment of network installation with the use of control valves;
- selection of the required pump lift height located in an area or in a system mixer;
- selection of thermal insulation of pipes;
- thermal and hydraulic calculations of the heating surface by - - automatic selection of the optimal supply temperature (input);
- selection of radiators, taking into account the cooling of agents working in the pipe.

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