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Terranum Coltop3D v1.8.4 Free Download Full Crack

Terranum Coltop3D v1.8.4 Free Download Full Crack - Coltop3D is software for geological analysis and 3D cloud point analysis. It is designed for interactive analysis of geological structures at local and regional scales from photogrammetry, air and terrestrial LiDAR data as well as Digital Terrain Models. This software supports many applications and is specifically optimized for structural visualization and analysis in the following fields: structural geology; natural hazards; mines and quarries; civil Engineering

Terranum Coltop3D v1.8.4

Coltop3D can import any point cloud from LiDAR and photogrammetric data, as well as Digital Terrain Models. The software calculates the orientation of the geological structure for each imported cloud point. Coltop3D is a strong support for calculating and highlighting various families of geological structures, thanks to a unique visualization and selection tool. The orientation of the selected points can be visualized in a stereonet and the basic statistics are calculated for each family.

Coltop3D can represent 3D data according to many criteria (RGB, altitude, shading, etc.), and more specifically according to the extraordinary color wheel, hue-saturation-brightness based on topography. Thus, each azimuth-dip orientation is represented in a unique color code, enabling rapid detection of geological structures.

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