ITASCA PFC v6.00.13 Free Download -

ITASCA PFC v6.00.13 Free Download

ITASCA PFC v6.00.13 Free Download - PFC (Particle Flow Code) is a general-purpose, different-element modeling framework (DEM) available as a two-and three-dimensional program (PFC2D and PFC3D, respectively). PFC Suite includes PFC2D and PFC3D

PFC models synthetic materials which consist of assemblies of various sized rigid particles that interact on contact to represent granular and solid materials. The PFC model simulates independent motion (translation and rotation) and the interaction of many rigid particles that can interact on contact based on internal forces and moments.

ITASCA PFC v6.00.13

Particle shapes can include disks in 2D, or circles in 3D, "blob" discs connected rigidly in 2D, or circles in 3D, and convex polygons in 2D or polyhedra in 3D. Contact mechanics complied with particle interaction laws that renewed internal forces and the PFC included twelve built-in contact models with the facility to add a Customer-made Contact Model +++ C (UDM).

PFC offers many features to help you with your work by simplifying construction, solution, and particle simulation analysis. PFC is designed to be general in nature and gives you the flexibility to simulate any mechanical system that can be represented by particle assembly.

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