Killetsoft TRANSDAT v22.10 Free Download -

Killetsoft TRANSDAT v22.10 Free Download

Killetsoft TRANSDAT v22.10 Free Download - TRANSDAT carries out coordinate transformations and geodetic datum shifts between many coordinate systems and American, Australasian, European, German special references and around the world, with high precision and high performance. The most recent historical reference and coordinate system and many of all EU countries including eastern extensions and the system of non-EU European countries. The European ETRS89 system imposed by INSPIRE in connection with continental drift

Killetsoft TRANSDAT v22.10

US and Canadian State Aircraft Coordinate System (SPCS) and other systems on the North American continent. Many coordinate and reference systems from countries on all continents and coordinate and reference systems are used throughout the world. NTv2 grid files around the world support coordinate transformation. The coordinate and reference systems of the old and new German Federal States, 40 Prussian Land Registration Land, Germany's 'Lagestatus', the German Federal State special reference system and BeTA2007. User-defined coordinate system, reference system, and ellipsoid.

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  1. Best software for geodetic coordinate transformations!