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Split Engineering Split-FX v2.4 x64 Free Download

Split Engineering Split-FX v2.4 x64 Free Download - Split-FX software enables rock mass characterization to be done in a safe and timely manner. Split-FX is a software package for processing three-dimensional point cloud data from LIDAR scanning and photogrammetry

Quickly and easily produce detailed information about:
- Cell mapping and pre-rock blast conditions, including in-situ block size and connection distance.
- Cross-section analysis for slope instability, accurate rock modeling and accurate load measurement.
- Change detection for rockfall and ground movements.

 Split Engineering Split-FX v2.4

Field survey results can be automatically processed with Split-FX software, producing three-dimensional information about rock mass, including fracture orientation stereonets and fracture size distribution and roughness estimation. From start to finish, you can accurately characterize the fracture at the field site in a shorter time than is needed to take some manual strike and dip measurements.

In contrast to traditional rock characterization where face measurements are required, LIDAR scanning and analysis can be done at significant distances from the rock surface. This allows characterization of rock masses to be carried out in situations where access to the face is not possible due to safety or other problems.

In addition, Split-FX software can produce a database of thousands of fractures for rock sites in a shorter time than just a few fractures that can be characterized using traditional techniques.

Finally, the Split-FX software eliminates human biases by automating the process of collecting and processing rock mass data. This software can view and edit cloud points, view digital images, create triangulation meshes, register cloud points and take measurements of common cloud points for distance, area and volume.

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