Rocscience Dips v7.016 Free Download -

Rocscience Dips v7.016 Free Download

Rocscience Dips v7.016 Free Download - Dips is a program designed for interactive analysis of orientation-based geological data. This program is a tool kit that is capable of various applications and is designed both for novice or occasional users, and for users who are complete from stereographic projections who want to use more advanced tools in the analysis of geological data

Dips allows users to analyze and visualize structural data following the same techniques used in manual stereonets. In addition, many computational features are available, such as the formation of statistical grouping of orientations, calculation of average orientation and analysis of qualitative and quantitative feature attributes.

Rocscience Dips v7.016

Dips has been designed for the analysis of features associated with analysis of rock structure techniques, however, the free DIPS data file format allows analysis of any orientation-based data.

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