Download BSI FB-MultiPier v5.5 -

Download BSI FB-MultiPier v5.5

Download BSI FB-MultiPier v5.5 BSI FB-MultiPier is a nonlinear finite element analysis program capable of analyzing several bridge pier structures connected by bridge spans. A complete structure can be subjected to a full array of AASHTO load types in static analysis or a variable time function in dynamic analysis. Each wharf structure consists of a dock column and a cover. 

This structure is supported on a pile cap and a pile / shaft with nonlinear ground. This analysis program combines nonlinear structural finite element analysis with nonlinear static soil models for axial, lateral, and torsional soil behavior to provide a robust analysis system for augmented bridge pier structures and foundation systems.

FB-MultiPier performs the generation of finite element models internally considering the geometric definition of the foundation structure and system as graphic input by the designer. This allows engineers to work directly with design parameters and reduces the bookkeeping required to create and interpret models.

BSI FB-MultiPier v5.5

As required for design-oriented applications, the FB-MultiPier automatically generates a finite element model given the parametric, geometric definition of the foundation structure and system. Both input and analysis results are handled via a streamlined combination of shape-based, 2D graphics, and 3D graphics.

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