Download CSI Detail v18.0.x64 -

Download CSI Detail v18.0.x64

Download CSI Detail v18.0.x64 CSi Detail is an integrated and interactive software product for generating detailed output, such as detailed views, images, bill of material (BOM), and bill of quantity (BOQ) from the ETABS model.

CSiDetail creates detailed structural models, based on its analysis model and the design process carried out in ETABS. Automatically generates views and images that can be used as a basis for preparing final engineering drawings, as well as BIM files for use in BIM tools

Detailing can be done for concrete and steel buildings. CSiDetail produces reinforcing details for slabs, beams, columns and walls, grouping similar beams and columns in process. Reinforcement details are presented in tabular and timetable form for component groups, and are described in plans, heights and sections for individual elements. 

The rebar of individual components or the entire structure can be viewed in an interactive 3D model, which shows the individual rebar in true 3D coordinates. Breakdown is based on a broad set of preferences and rules to control bar size selection, spacing, restriction and placement.

CSI Detail v18

Preferences and rules can be defined by the user, according to various design codes and local practices. It provides full customization capabilities to control how detailing is performed and output is generated.
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