Download Dlubal COMPOSITE BEAM v8.19 x64 -

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Download Dlubal COMPOSITE BEAM v8.19 x64

Download Dlubal COMPOSITE BEAM v8.19 x64 Dlubal COMPOSITE BEAM The COMPOSITE-BEAM program performs composite beam design according to ENV 1994-1-1: 1992-10
- Single and continuous span beams with definable boundary conditions.
- Automatic determination of the effective cross-section.
- Free construction support arrangements for the construction stage.
- Construction loads that can be determined freely as well as move construction loads.
- Automatic load combination.
- Calculation of cross-sectional properties according to Method 1 or 2.
- Calculation of internal elastic strength with RSTAB.
- Redistribution of moments.
- Design of bending resistance and shear forces with interaction.
- Determination of the required sliding connectors and their distribution.
- Longitudinal shear force resistance design.
- Torsional-lateral buckling analysis.
- Analysis for crack width limitation.
- Natural frequency design.


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