Download EnviroSim BioWin v6.0 Free -

Download EnviroSim BioWin v6.0 Free

Download EnviroSim BioWin v6.0 Free BioWin is a wastewater treatment process simulator that ties together biological, chemical, and physical process models. BioWin is used around the world to design, enhance and optimize wastewater treatment plants of all types. 

At the heart of BioWin is a proprietary biological model that is complemented by other process models (e.g. water chemistry models for pH calculations, mass transfer models for oxygen modeling and other gas-liquid interactions). The BioWin model is owned, developed and supported exclusively by EnviroSim and is the original "whole factory" model. 

Apart from incorporating the most powerful models on the market, BioWin offers unmatched ease of use. Use the BioWin Album to capture the results of your simulation projects with informative tables and charts

EnviroSim BioWin v6.0

Customize your work environment to suit your needs with options like the default unit system, flowsheet view preferences, and auto-save settings. Transfer your results manually to and from spreadsheets, word processing and presentation software on the fly using copy / paste operations, or generate comprehensive reports automatically using BioWin's "report to Word ™" feature.

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