Download IDEA StatiCa v10.1.99 Free -

Download IDEA StatiCa v10.1.99 Free

Download IDEA StatiCa v10.1.99 Free Since the release of the first version of IDEA StatiCa Connection in 2014, a lot of time has passed. At that time, the program developers presented a completely new approach to the calculation and design of steel-structure joints. 

This program is based on a unique tool - Component Finite Element Method (KEME), thanks to the rapid growth in popularity of IDEA StatiCa has become possible due to software which is now a leader in the design and calculation of steel structure units

IDEA StatiCa is able to solve many problems associated with taking into account the local effects arising from calculations, and organically conform to the modern concept of BIM design. 

Russian assortment and steel grades have been added to the material and parts database according to tables B.3, B.4 and B.5 of the appropriate appendix SP 16.13330.2017. The new Design Capacity calculation mode replaces the current Member Capacity mode. Due to the high degree of adaptability, new calculations allow you to inspect nodes for any seismic area.

In Capacity Design mode, a new assembly operation, Dissipative Element, is used, which defines the plate or element for which the reinforcement coefficient will be used. The strain-hardening coefficient can also be adjusted here. The appearance of the plastic hinge can be explained and analyzed. This calculation mode is available for all available standards (SP, EN, AISC, CISC, AS).

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