Download Isograph Availability Workbench v4.0 -

Download Isograph Availability Workbench v4.0

Download Isograph Availability Workbench v4.0 Availability Workbench is the flagship package of availability simulation software. This includes the latest versions of the Isograph AvSim + software and RCMCost for reliability-centered simulations of system availability and maintenance. In addition, it includes the Weibull Analysis and Life Cycle Costing modules. 

Availability Workbench is used to optimize maintenance and parts policies, predict system availability and throughput and estimate life cycle costs. It includes well-known modeling methods such as FMECA, Reliability Block Diagram Analysis and Error Tree Analysis

Isograph Availability Workbench v4.0

Availability Workbench provides a fully integrated environment for:
- Reliability Centered Maintenance. Develop and maintain a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program to optimize your reliability and maintenance strategy.
- Availability simulation. Predict the availability of a complete system taking into account the complex dependence on parts and other resources.
- Life Cycle Cost Analysis. Performs a Lifecycle Cost Analysis to calculate the expected cost of your system over its lifetime.
- Weibull analysis. Analyze historical failure data to model equipment failure characteristics.
- SAP interface. AWB SAP Interface allows you to transfer data between AWB and SAP.
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