Download midas NFX 2019 R3 x86.x64 Free -

Download midas NFX 2019 R3 x86.x64 Free

Download midas NFX 2019 R3 x86.x64 Free midas NFX is comprehensive software for engineering calculations and optimization of design solutions.
Usage area
Product simulation.
Topology Optimization.
Calculation of strength.
Thermal calculations taking into account radiation and optical properties of the model.
Calculation of three-dimensional hydroaerodynamics (CFD). Comprehensive multidisciplinary calculation.

Shorten the product development cycle.
Various CAD interfaces.
High speed, high quality mesh generator.
Advanced solver for working with large models.
Automatic detection of contacts in assembly, convenient visualization and management of interfaces and loads.

Effective design process automation:
Two interface options: engineering and simplified.
Quick breakers and possibility of modifying products "on the fly" with subsequent recounts.
Simple completion grid creation.
The basic ingredients are broad, including anisotropic.
Consideration of the optical properties of materials in the calculation of radiation and heat transfer.
A set of templates for standard and load boundary conditions.
Possibility of parallelizing solutions.

Simplified product innovation development:
Easy model formation and optimization problem solving according to various criteria.
Preset calculation patterns.
Ability to create adaptive grids and rebuild grids in the computation process.
Topology optimization (section shape) according to static / dynamic analysis.
Advanced wear calculation features.
Perform equipment element reliability assessment tests.

midas NFX 2019

A single integrated solution for performing a variety of design tasks encountered in mechanical engineering:
Ensure structural, thermal, and gas-dynamic calculations in the space of one model.
Capital analysis by considering preload and relative displacement conditions of spare parts.
Stability analysis with the allowed reciprocal motion specifications of the part in the assembly.
Determination of heat flux density.
Linear dynamic analysis.
Calculation of tasks with non-linear contacts.
Advanced nonlinear impact analysis.
Joint calculation of rigid and elastic structures in one model.
Combination of linear and nonlinear analysis in one model.

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