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HxGN Mine Plan v15.4 Full Licensi

HxGN Mine Plan v15.4 Full Licensi – The HxGN Mine Plan provides powerful 3D modeling, data visualization, and planning for geologists and engineers, supports a seamless workflow from exploration to production and is backed by 50 years of innovation in partnership with 10,000+ global users.

The HxGN MinePlan Geology Foundation offers everything an exploration or resource geologist needs to store, manage and analyze borehole data, perform geological interpretations of deposits and generate accurate block models.

It provides an SQL-based data management system for managing drillhole, blasthole, and other types of point sample data that integrates with other planning products for coding, spearing, compositing, interpolation, and visualization. This includes a QAQC module to validate the accuracy of field samples and to protect the integrity of your sampling data.

HxGN Mine Plan

The HxGN Mine Plan portfolio also features standalone products, including the following: MinePlan 3D, basic software for visualization, design, modeling and back-up computation;
MinePlan Schedule Optimizer, which determines the most productive cut mining sequence to achieve the highest project profitability, and then generates a practical short to long term project schedule

MinePlan Activity Scheduler for activity based scheduling; MinePlan operations for level control; and MinePlan Point Cloud Mesher, a surface and solid generator capable of rapidly handling complex data sets.

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