Process Plant Layout Second Edition -

Process Plant Layout Second Edition

Process Plant Layout Second Edition - Process Plant Layout, Second Edition, describes the methodology used by professional designers to lay out process equipment and pipes, plots, plants, sites and environmental features according to a safe and economical manner. 

This is supported by separation distance tables, rules of thumb, and codes of practice and standards. This book includes more than seventy-five case studies of what goes wrong when layout is not well considered.

Sean Moran has rewritten and re-illustrated this book fully to reflect advances in technology and best practices, for example, changes in the way designers balance layout density with cost, operating, and safety considerations.

Process Plant Layout Second Edition

Author Sean Moran - Language English - Pages 758 - Publisher Elsevier
 - File Format PDF - ISBN 978-0-12-803355-5 Year -2017 File Size 61 MB

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