Design Workbook Using SolidWorks 2020 -

Design Workbook Using SolidWorks 2020

Design Workbook Using SolidWorks 2020 - Revised and refreshed for SOLIDWORKS 2020, Design Workbook Using SOLIDWORKS 2020 is an exercise-based book that guides you through a series of easy-to-understand step-by-step tutorials covering the basic commands of SOLIDWORKS. The 2020 edition includes the updated SOLIDWORKS process and methods to make models more efficient than ever.

The intended audience is undergraduate engineering majors, but it can also be used in pre-college engineering courses. These engaging, hands-on lab exercises in the workbook are also ideal for independent learners. This text takes an educational approach in which you learn through repetition, starting with simple models, and introducing more complex models and commands as the book progresses.

Leads you to build assemblies, create Finite Element Analysis, detailed build drawings, complete dynamic simulations, and learn the basics of rapid prototyping. The principles of technical graphics are also incorporated into lessons throughout the text.

The commands and functions learned throughout this book will help new users understand their use, how to apply them in different situations, and design increasingly complex components.

Design Workbook Using SolidWorks 2020

Author Ronald R. Barr,Thomas J Kruger - Language English - Pages 261 - Publisher SDC - File Format PDF - ISBN-13: 978-1-63057-304-1 File Size 19.8 MB
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