Download KND SailingPerformance Suite v2020 -

Download KND SailingPerformance Suite v2020

Download KND SailingPerformance Suite v2020 - CrossoverChart. Create and maintain screen crossovers. There's no need to think twice about which screen is optimal for the current weather! Start building your crossover from scratch or import information from your screen designer. Update and repair crossovers using past or live cruise data for fast and accurate decisions.

KNDLogCleaner. Clean your logs before use with our tool. Data logs come in many forms and forms depending on how they are created. When needed, these pre-processing tools allow you to tidy up your logs before they can be used with other tools.

OnboardAssistant. Manually log events while sailing. This program, specially adapted for ondeck touch screen devices, lets you document your day as you sail. This allows you to create variables for information that your electronics don't collect, such as which screen is up, who is in charge, what mast you use, your ballast level, etc ...

PerfQuery. Add database power to your performance analysis. End regattas / season report, keep updating your poles, crossovers and targets based on multiple cruise sessions. Get precise statistics on the life of your screens and fixtures, and more.

PolarManager. View and manage your poles. It's the most intuitive program out there for viewing and editing your poles, giving you the ability to convert them easily from one format to another, layer multiple poles, and even import screen data for more accurate modifications.

RaceReplay. Replay and analyze your cruise data. Upload your data logs to replay your data. Use advanced algorithms to identify calibration problems. View data using a number of graphs and statistics modules. Create a report on your performance. Update your poles, crosses and targets based on your analysis. Sync audio, photos and videos to your tracks.

KND SailingPerformance Suite v2020

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