Download Analyse-it v5.40 Ultimate -

Download Analyse-it v5.40 Ultimate

Download Analyse-it v5.40 Ultimate Analyze-it is a statistical analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel. The analysis provides a variety of standard parametric and non-parametric procedures, including descriptive statistics, ANOVA, ANCOVA, Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, chi-square, correlation, linear regression, logistic regression, polynomial regression and advanced model fitting, main components of analysis, and factor analysis.

The Analytical Method Validation Edition provides the standard Analysis-it statistical analysis above, plus procedures for method evaluation, validation and demonstration, including Bland-Altman bias plots, Linear Regression, Weighted Linear Regression, Deming Regression, Weighted Deming Regression, and Bablok Pass for comparison. method, precision, linearity, detection limit, reference interval, and analysis of receiver operating characteristics that support the Delong, Delong Clarke-Pearson comparison. (see references below).

Analyse-it v5.40 Ultimate

Version 4.00 adds support for the CLSI EP5-A3, EP6-A, EP9-A3, EP10-A3, EP12-A2, EP15-A3, EP17-A2, EP21-A, EP24-A2 (formerly GP10-A) manuals and EP28-A3C (formerly C28-A3C).

The Analyze-it Quality Control & Improvement edition provides the standard Analyze-it statistical analysis above, plus procedures for statistical process control, including Shewhart, Levey-Jennings, CUSUM, and EWMA control charts, process capability analysis, and pareto analysis. Analysis - it is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Office 365)

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