Download CSI Bridge v22.1.0 x64 Free Full Version -

Download CSI Bridge v22.1.0 x64 Free Full Version

Download CSI Bridge v22.1.0 x64 Free Full Version Bridge structural modeling, analysis and design have been integrated into CSI Bridge to create the best computerized engineering tools. The ease of completing all these tasks makes CSI Bridge the most versatile and productive software program available on the market today

Using CSI Bridges, engineers can easily determine complex bridge geometries, boundary conditions, and load cases. The bridge model is defined parametrically, using terms familiar to bridge engineers such as layout lines, spans, bearings, abutments, bends, hinges, and post-stress. The software creates a model of the spine, shell, or solid object that updates automatically when the bridge definition parameters are changed.

CSI Bridge Design allows fast and easy design and retrofit of steel and concrete bridges. Parametric modelers allow users to build simple or complex bridge models and to make changes efficiently while maintaining total control over the design process. Lanes and vehicles can be determined quickly and include wide effects.

Simple and practical Gantt charts are available for simulating construction sequence modeling and scheduling. CSI Bridge includes an easy-to-follow wizard that outlines the steps required to create a bridge model.

Fully integrated in the CSI Bridge design package is the SAPFire power analysis engine, including incremental construction, creep and shrinkage analysis, cable tensioning to target forces, camber and shape discovery, geometric nonlinearity (P-delta and large displacement), nonlinear materials (superstructures, bearings) , substructure and soil supports), bending and static and dynamic analysis.

All of this applies to one comprehensive model. In addition, the AASHTO LRFD design is included with the latest combination of automatic load, superstructure and seismic design.

CSI Bridge v22.1.0

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