Download midas NFX 2020.R2.x64 -

Download midas NFX 2020.R2.x64

Download midas NFX 2020.R2.x64 midas NFX is a comprehensive software for engineering calculations and design optimization.

Usage area:
Product simulation
Topology optimization.
Calculation of strength.
Thermal calculations taking into account radiation and optical properties of the model.
Three-dimensional hydro-aerodynamics (CFD) calculation.
Comprehensive multidisciplinary calculation.

Shorter product development cycles.
Multiple CAD interfaces.
High speed, high quality mesh generator.
Advanced solver for working with large models.
Automatic detection of contacts in assembly, easy visualization and management of pairs and loads.

Effective automation of the design process:
Two interface options: engineering and simplified.
Fast solver and the ability to modify products "on the fly" with subsequent recalculation.
Simple computational grid creation.
Extensive material base, including anisotropic ones.
Consider the optical properties of a material when calculating radiation and heat transfer.
A set of templates for standard load and boundary conditions.
Ability to parallel solutions.

Simplified innovative product development:
Easy modeling and solution optimization problems according to various criteria.
Pre-configured calculation templates.
Ability to create adaptive grids and rebuild grids during calculation.
Topological optimization (section shape) according to static / dynamic analysis data.
Advanced functions for calculating wear.
Equipment element reliability assessment test.

midas NFX 2020.R2.x64

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