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Hydrogeology Problems With Solutions

Hydrogeology Problems With Solutions - Numerical calculations are definitely needed in the field of hydrogeology and play an important role in dealing with various aspects of it. Often students seem to struggle when solving numerical problems based on hydrogeology, because they have difficulty identifying the correct concept behind the questions and applicable formulas.
Also, there is a dearth of books, which assist readers in solving numerical problems of varying degrees of difficulty and allow them to have a solid foundation in the subject of hydrogeology. Hydrogeology book
Problems with Solutions fills this gap in the best possible way, and as desired, focusing primarily on the sequential steps involved in solving a problem based on hydrogeology. It briefly covers basic concepts, advanced principles and applications of hydrogeological tasks rather than overemphasizing theoretical aspects.

Hydrogeology Problems With Solutions

Author Nandipati S.R - Language English - Pages 449 - Publisher PHI Learning Private Limited- File Format PDF - ISBN: 978-81-203-5278-0 File Size 40 MB

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