Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 10 Edition -

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 10 Edition

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 10 Edition - Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics has helped students understand the physical concepts, basic principles, and methods of fluid mechanics analysis. This market leader textbook provides a balanced and systematic approach to mastering critical concepts with the proven Fox-McDonald solution methodology.

In-depth but accessible chapters present governing equations, state assumptions clearly, and relate mathematical results to appropriate physical behavior. Emphasis is placed on using volume controls to support a practical and theoretically inclusive problem-solving approach to the subject.

Each comprehensive chapter includes many easy-to-follow examples that illustrate good solution techniques and explain challenging points. A range of carefully selected topics describes how to apply governing equations to a variety of problems, and describes physical concepts to enable students to model real-world fluid flow situations

Topics include flow measurement, dimensional and similarity analysis, flow in pipes, conduits and open lines, fluid machinery, and much more. To enhance student learning, this book incorporates many pedagogical features including chapter summaries and learning objectives, end-of-chapter problems, useful equations, and design and open-ended problems that encourage students to apply fluid mechanics principles to device and system design.

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 10 Edition

Author Jhon W.M - Language English - Pages 609 - Publisher Wiley, 2020 - File Format PDF - ISBN: 978-1-119-61649-8 File Size 17 MB
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