Structural Engineering Handbook Fifth Edition -

Structural Engineering Handbook Fifth Edition

Structural Engineering Handbook Fifth Edition - In many engineering disciplines, the problem of dynamic structure is a major concern. Civil engineers, mechanical engineers, aircraft engineers, marine engineers, and engineering students face this problem every day, and it is up to them to systematically understand the basic concepts, calculation principles and structural dynamics calculation methods.

This book focuses on basic theories and concepts, as well as the application and background of theories and concepts in engineering. As the fundamental principles and methods of dynamics are applied to a variety of other engineering fields, this book can also be used as a reference for practicing engineers in that field in various disciplines and for undergraduate and postgraduate students in other majors as well

His main subjects include the basic theory of dynamics, the formation of equations of motion, single-degree freedom systems, multi-degree freedom systems, distributed parameter systems, stochastic structural vibrations, structural dynamics research projects, and pipeline and marine pipeline structural dynamics. stairs.

Structural Engineering Handbook Fifth Edition

Author Yong Bai & Zhao Dong Xu - Language English - Pages 451 - Publisher Wiley, 2019 - File Format PDF - ISBN 978-1-119-60560-7 File Size 14 MB
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