The Finite Element Method -

The Finite Element Method

The Finite Element Method - This book provides an overview of, and investigates, the latest developments in finite elements and is extended with a focus on applications to material failures in statics and dynamics.

This class of methods is suitable for applications such as crack propagation, two-phase flow, fluid structure interactions, optimization and reverse analysis as they do not require reintegration. These methods include the original extended finite element method, the refined finite element method (XFEM), the ghost knot method, the extended mesh-free method, the numerical manifold method and extended isogeometric analysis.

This book also discusses the implementation and provides small MATLAB code on each sub-topic. Also discussed are the challenges and efficient algorithms for tracing crack paths which play an important role for complex engineering applications.

Describes all the important theories behind XFEM and meshfree methods. Provides advice on how to implement XFEM for a variety of practical purposes, along with helpful MATLAB code.

Refer to recent research to explore new topics, such as XFEM application to shell formulations, and extended meshfree and extended isogeometric methods.
Introducing alternative modeling methods to help readers decide what works best for their work.

The Finite Element Method

Author Singiresu S. Rao - Language English - Pages 754 - Publisher Elsevier, 2018 - File Format PDF - ISBN 978-0-12-811768-2 File Size 23 MB
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